Popularization of Czech military by knowledge quiz


Vojenské Investiční Medaile (Military Investment Medals) has organized knowledge quiz for users of Facebook as part of popularization of Czech military for young generation of Czech people. Main topic of this quiz was modern Czech fortification, especially light bunkers, and history of KVH Praha, what is longest existing club of fortification researchers in the Czech Republic. There were prepared awards for three winners with highest points achieving. Main award was valuable investment medal “Ropik” 31,1g/37 mm from fine silver 999/1000. This medal was designed by Martin Marek in summer 2014 and produced in limited quantity. Winners on next stages have been able to win book with complete description of history and technical aspects of Czechoslovakian light bunkers. On the first eye to become as winner of this quiz wasn’t so complicated. After give “like” to Facebook profile of Military Investment Medals user has entered into quiz with five questions random selected from list of twenty of them. There was time limit for each question, fastest answer generated extra points for user and other bonus points were possible to get by sharing quiz with 10 friends. In order to keep quiz fair and avoid any potential swindle, was used licensed application with limited validity.

Easy look of quiz has changed fast to challenging mode, because without elementary knowledge wasn’t possible to go through competition even to end. About 3200 people have visited special created page with quiz, 134 of them entered and 68 was able to finish all questions only. From visitors of page have been 44% in age between 13-17 years. Group of entered user was split by gender to 52% for men and 48% for women.

The first stage of quiz was taken by Karel Jurik, student of Gymnasium Boskovice near Brno. Modern Czechoslovak fortification is his hobby and then quiz wasn’t so complicated for him. A prize, silver medal “Ropik” starts initial piece of his medals collection and was pass on face to face by Martin Marek, owner of project, to him.

Photo of winner of the quiz

The winner of the quiz – Karel Jurik, student of Gymnasium Boskovice

Books as prize for next stages were distributed by delivery service of Czech Post.

Because positive comments given by young community it was decided prepare similar competition for 2015.

Are you interested for details, contact us by e-mail: info@investicnimedaile.cz

About project:

Military Investment Medals is private own project for design, production and distribution investment medals from fine silver or gold oriented for historical milestones of modern Czechoslovakian and Czech military from 1914. Significant part of gained profit is used for popularization of military history by releasing of articles in social media, organization of public quizzes or sponsorship of military related projects like museums and etc. There is collection activity behind too, aiming especially for Czech/Czechoslovakian military orders and other items with historical value. As project lived in Czech Republic all is distributed in Czech language. In case of interested person abroad of Czech and English communication is possible. Meet with us on: http://www.investicnimedaile.cz/.



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